Aaron Bresland program director

camp TBC New Brunswick NJ

"So fun! One of the best shows I've ever seen! Shlomo kept everyone constantly engaged! Can't wait for the next show!"

Avi Lachman

Sheva brachos

"The most original magic tricks along with a great sense of humor! It was the highlight of our Sheva Brachos!"

Mr. Nissan Borr program director

JHC Pesach program and YIQV

Shlomo’s show is honestly spectacular. I was wowed over and over by his tricks! Such a great stage presence, entertaining for ALL ages, and a great guy to boot! Couldn’t ask for a better entertainer!

Avigdor Gutnicki

Director Camp Chevra (Passaic)

“Shlomo’s show was awesome! One of our campers was having a hard time breaking in to the camp atmosphere, but after Shlomo’s show, he was all smiles!”

Mrs Rivky Stamler

Bas Mitzvah

I booked shlomo for my daughter’s bas mitzva he kept us all engaged and mesmerized throughout the entire show his production is flawless his magic is so intense you can’t take your eyes off of him for even a second! The crowd went wild he’s just unbelievable I will definitely be using him again for my next event!!



(Actor, Law & Order Svu)

"Always check for your wallet after
dealing with this guy!"

Chris Ramsey

(Magician and Youtuber)

"That was actually very clean! that was really good!"

Preacher Lawson


"ha ha that's dope!
Good stuff!"

Bob Menery

(Social Media Comedian & Podcaster)

"Get out of here! we just got messed with! Holy cow! We got a real life Wizard!"

Kevin Weekes

(Former NHL Goalie & NHL Network)

"No way! How is this even possible? That's legit right there! Good stuff, that was awesome!

Gad Elbaz

(Israeli Music Star)

"Woah, you're good!"

Yoni Z

(Jewish Music Star)

"How did you do that?
Kol Hakavod!

Lipa Schmeltzer

(Chassidish Music Star)

"Good stuff.
Invite him to your next simcha!"

Mordechai Shapiro

Jewish music superstar

"You're a real pro! That was next level!
You can really perform!"

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

(World Renowned Lecturer & Author)

"Shlomo is a Ben Torah, who has mastered the art of magical tricks. He will amaze you and your family!"

Beri Weber

(Jewish Music Superstar)

"You put me in a good mood! I
really loved it!"

Ryan Eggold

(Actor, and Star of NBC's The Blacklist, New Amsterdam, and the CW Network's 90210)

"Woooah. Wow that was very good, I like that trick, that was awesome! well done!"